We are an Orthodox Jewish Congregation dedicated to creating a serious and meaningful tefilah for our kehilah, committed to learning Torah and living by its values and seeking to promote individual and communal acts of chesed.


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The Kehilah will be meeting on
Shmini Atzeret and Simchat Torah
October 24th-25th/22nd-23rd of Tishrei

Riverdale-Yonkers Society of Ethical Culture
4450 Fieldston Road
Riverdale, NY  10471

Shmini Atzeret Day
Davening begins at 9 AM
Yizkor: not before 10:15 AM

Simchat Torah Day:
Shacharit: 9:00 AM
Kol HaNearim: Approximately 10:15 AM

On Simchat Torah, there will be... 

*Hakafot for men/boys and women/girls
*A designated area for men to lein and receive aliyot
*A designated area for women to lein and receive aliyot
*Fun and good food for all!!!

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